Arts & Sciences

Maypole Dance

Arts and sciences includes any activity that pertained to making items needed for everyday life, for combat, or for fun and luxury. Local A&S officers help arrange meetings for any A&S activity within the their borders, and encourage people to share their talents and to learn new talents.

Our current Mistress of Arts and Science. Tirza bitha Reabouges, loves the study of cooking manuscripts and turning the dishes described into more modern recipes (redacting).  Here for your pleasure is:

   Tirza's translation of the Epulario or The Italian Banquet, translated out of Italian into English. She translated the document in the sense that she translated the non-copywritten 1598 publication to modern print.

   A comparison of the Epulario to a parallel manuscript credited to the same cook -- Maestro Martino of Como's De arte coquinaria (The Art of Cooking).

   Recipes with modern measurements from the Epulario.


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From about 2011 to 2019, a highlight of the Shire’s A&S activities was the annual Maypole Dance demo performed at Fort Hunter’s Garden Faire, held each year the first Sunday of May. Fort Hunter is a county park just north of Harrisburg. For Maypole Dance instructions and a link to some sheet music, see the link here:

Greenland Gown

During 2022 and 2023, Mistress Tirza has been instructing interested seamstresses on her pattern for making the historical “Greenland Gown,” a pattern which has almost no wasted material. Anyone interested in making one of these gowns, or reading her research, should contact her. Part of the pattern is taking proper measurements. A link to a spreadsheet that will help calculate the measurements is found below.