Shire of Blak Rose

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We hold gatherings (called "events") where we try to re-create the atmosphere of the medieval times. Everyone wears an attempt at pre-16th century clothing (we have some to lend you if you're new, don't worry), and there is usually a feast of medieval foods and beverages.

There is usually an event somewhere within a couple hours' drive of here every weekend. Twice a year, there is a coronation ceremony where the new King is crowned: it's a huge, beautiful spectacle that you shouldn't miss when it's held in this area.

There are combat tournaments and arts displays, competitions for bards or dancers or archers, plays to perform and catapults to shoot. I've seen a man juggling fire, and I've heard harps played all during dinner. There are also classes to teach you how to cook those feasts, make those clothes, build those catapults, and everything else you see and hear.

If this sounds interesting, the official East Kingdom list of upcoming events can be found at, with where and when each event is scheduled for, what will happen there, and how much it costs. Or, feel free to contact someone on the Officers' List and they will be sure to show you how to get involved!


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